Makenzie Wilson – Creating and Branding Content for Makenzie Wilson Media

For my senior showcase project, I created and branded content for Makenzie Wilson Media. I photographed five families, edited them and sent the clients their online galleries. This was a great project for me because I was able to create more content to post to my social media accounts. I created a preset for my content that will help keep my work all the same, this was a very time-consuming project as I had to research how certain editing tools work within Lightroom. I created a social media plan, along with captions and hashtags for my social media accounts. I researched and designed a price sheet to send to possible clients when inquired what my wedding prices are. For my main project I edited my wedding video for myself, and as content for my social media accounts.

Creating content is something that I am not normally committed too, especially in the cold winter months here in Rexburg, Idaho. I wanted to focus on a specific, bigger project I have been procrastinating and that was editing my wedding video. However, I wanted to create new content as well, I organized five photoshoots, photographed, edited them and delivered an online gallery to my clients which you can view below.

I was going to print some photos I took to showcase at my event, and later gift them to my clients, however, with the current situation in regarding to COVID-19, I wasn’t able to get them printed. Luckily, my sister had a canvas print of my previous work and I was able to use that for display.

I designed my very first preset in Lightroom. Something that I have been wanting to do for years, but never committed to it. I surprised myself with the preset I created that brands all my work and makes it look cohesive. My main design elements for this preset, was to keep the colors true to color, make it brighter and moody, but bright. I wanted to have a warm tone to it, so that it keeps it moody, but bright enough that it isn’t distracting from the true colors. I want my work to look similar and have people look at it and think “oh that’s a post from Makenzie Wilson Media!”



download (22).jpegdownload (22).jpeg

I created a social media plan for my Facebook and Instagram accounts with the content I created. This includes captions and hashtags to go alongside my content in hopes of targeting my audience and help me get a better engagement rate. This will be very beneficial to both my Instagram and Facebook pages as I now have a lot of content to share.

download (23).jpegdownload (23).jpeg

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I created and designed a price sheet to send to individuals who inquire about my wedding prices. (I took off the physical prices for privacy.)

I did a lot of research to help in deciding what I should charge for certain wedding events, and came up with this. This will be very beneficial for future clients and me as everything is documented.

I hope to continue to build price sheets for other events including; family, seniors, portraits, etc.

Lastly, I edited my wedding video. I think this alone could have been a project in itself. I definitely overestimated this project and spent most of my time editing it. I created a seven-minute video that encapsulated the whole day, but unfortunately lost it prior to exporting the final product. I was able to re-edit a 60-second video that highlighted my favorite parts of the day. As I mentioned in my video above, when creating content for my clients I would make a 60-second highlight video (as I did with my own) to post to my social media accounts, as well as a longer video for them to remember their whole day.

This project was very time consuming, but will benefit Makenzie Wilson Media in the future. It will be beneficial in hopes that I gain new/more clients, more followers on my social media accounts, a higher engagement rate, a preset to brand my images so that they all stay on brand and much more.

Check out my work here.