Whitney Harris- Random Ad Sampler

Why Random Ads?

In the marketing and advertising industry, you don’t always get to choose your clients. And even when you do, you don’t get to choose what they want for their business. I wanted a project that had as many random factors as possible to challenge myself in a realistic way. In this 50+ hour project, I showcase my research, copywriting and design* skills by participating in a self-made random selection activity. The companies and advertisement types created over the last couple months were all selected by random. There are a total of 3 companies, and 6 ad types all chosen by random and produced by myself. For more information on how this process worked, see the video below.

*All copy and creative elements included in this project were created by myself. Any photography was obtained legally from free-use resources such as Unsplash.com or a Google reusable image search.

Project Introduction

Project Description

Choose 3 companies by random. Then select a product from each company. Then select ad types for each company by random. Once the elements are chosen, compose research, copy, and design elements for each company ad. These ads should be professional and fully produced, not in the prototype phases.


Target Audience: Men and Women 25-39 years old.

Spotify was the first company selected by random. I have to be honest I was not as excited for this one as it is a more popular brand. But I accepted the challenge of coming up with something that could compete with their existing ads. The “big idea” behind the Spotify campaign was “sharing isn’t cheaper.” The goal was to sell the Spotify Premium Family package, which allows up to 6 accounts for only $14.99/month. A great deal considering that one account is typically $9.99/month. I wanted to highlight the fact that people who share a Spotify account go through pains that aren’t worth saving $4 on.

Spotify Billboard

This billboard is kind of targeting dads who share their Spotify account with their kids. The idea is that having separate accounts is worth saving oopies like a kids song showing up on your Guys night playlist.


Spotify Email

This email is meant to be a bit of a gag. It can be generated by pulling “unusual” activity from people’s accounts. If the behavior happened on purpose, it is still humorous enough to get the public’s attention.


Gold Bond Healing Foot Cream

Target Audience: Caucasian Men age 45+

Gold bond was probably my favorite brand that I got to work with. It was fun working with a target audience a little bit out of my familiarity. The big idea behind these ads were that there’s so much more you can do in bare feet! Whether it’s walking with confidence into a shoes-off house party, or cuddling under covers without scratching your partner with your calluses, Gold Bond brings your feet back to their prime!

Gold Bond Radio Ad

When I thought middle aged man I immediately thought Nick Offerman. He’s my dream spokesmen for this campaign. He can deliver humor and honesty. Read the radio ads in his voice…


Gold Bond Magazine Campaign

These campaigns remind everyone with hurting feet how great going barefoot is.

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Tree Top Organic Apple Sauce

Target Audience: Mothers age 25+

Tree Top is the last but certainly not least company of choice. It was such a unique product to work with. The big idea here is simply that fruit servings are an important part of health and development for children. I wanted to advertise the many uses of apple sauce. Re-brand it to be something people will be rushing to the shelves for! It was a blast.

Tree Top Direct Mail and Coupon

Decided to include a coupon and a blog spot to help our moms out with choosing the product from themselves.

Tree Top Direct Mail and CouponTree Top Direct Mail and Coupon

Tree Top Direct Mail and Coupon

Tree Top BlogTree Top Blog

Tree Top Blog

Tree Top TV Ad Storyboard (30 Sec)Tree Top TV Ad Storyboard (30 Sec)

Tree Top TV Ad Storyboard (30 Sec)

What I learned

Choosing each company and ad type by random was a difficult process. It was hard to draw a certain type of ad and think “oh but this would be perfect for the other company.” It was a real exercise in learning how to be more flexible and able to work the the circumstances at hand. It also forced me to be a bit more creative and think outside of the box. Overall, I feel like it was a great experience. Not only doing the research and writing portions, but also trying to make each element as presentable as possible. I would feel comfortable pitching any of these ideas to the companies themselves.