Sophie Long – Q.NOOR Rebrand Campaign




Hello! My name is Sophie Long and welcome to my senior showcase! For my project, I worked with the amazing clothing brand Q.NOOR that is based out of Utah. This clothing store specializes in providing comfortable, beautiful and unique white temple dresses that women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints can wear while worshipping in their religious temples. Though anyone can buy one of these dresses and wear it for any purpose, the design and marketing of the products are currently catered toward Mormon women.

Q.NOOR’s current audience is somewhat limited because the company only provides products that are marketable to a very niche group of women. This is why I chose to create a rebrand campaign for Q.NOOR, to help transition the company into a more current version of itself and to widen its market.

One aspect of this rebrand is upgrading the company’s visuals. This doesn’t only mean new graphics and logos, but preparing and executing content that will appeal to Q.NOOR’s new market. My rebrand campaign maps out all of the tools and strategies needed for Q.NOOR  to transition into a more contemporary and relevant company, without losing its current close-knit community of customers. Enjoy!

Included are some materials within the Q.NOOR Rebrand Style Guide that I created.





–   May 21st – Zoom call with Rosie to clarify what she needs and what I can do for the project

–   May 28th – I worked on building a questionnaire to send to our target audience to help me with research

–   May 29th – Researched about how to rebrand a company successfully

–   First week of June – Submitted the survey. Posted on social media. Reached out to people who could take it.

–   June 12th  – Compiled an outline for the rebrand campaign book

–   June 15th  – Did research about other religions and the clothing that we could offer them.

– June 16th and on – I dedicated at least 2 hours every day to researching, designing and editing this rebrand project.

In total, I spent around 52 hours compiling this project. It was very tedious at times, but I really wanted to make sure that the material looked good.



I really enjoyed compiling research and other tools for Q.NOOR’s new market strategy. Much of the materials in the rebrand campaign book that I created are confidential and are only for the Q.NOOR company. All of the designs on this blog post are created by me and are merely suggestions. My project does not confirm any marketing or visual strategies by the company.


I learned a lot from this project about market research, digital design and how to best uphold the image of a brand and communicate with its target audience. I’m really excited about the results and I’m grateful for this opportunity to work on this fun and challenging project.