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Hi ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sadie Carter(Sorensen). Welcome to my project: Beauty by Sadie. For my senior project, I decided to brand and run the social media marketing of this upcoming Permanent Make Up Business. The reason I chose to market Beauty by Sadie for my project was to be able to apply personally what I have learned and start my career before graduating this December.

I was able to implement the skills I have used these past years by using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator to create multiple logos, business cards, gift certificates, and more. I applied my marketing skills to Instagram by running weekly Instagram Ads.

As I dove into branding this business, I wanted to create a logo that could serve the different purposes I needed. To do this, I used the programs Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. I needed a logo for both business cards and an Instagram profile. A business card is designed differently than a circular Instagram Profile. Through lots of trial and error, I came up with two separate but similar logos for my business card and Instagram Profile. As seen below.

Next, I dove into Instagram. To keep on a strict posting schedule I used Hootsuite for my content calendar. To promote Beauty by Sadie, I ran an Instagram Ad every other week. I wanted to experiment with how much I could refine my target audience. Instagram has a feature where they create a target audience for you. I used this feature once, then never used it again. The audience my ad was shown to was nowhere near the persona I wanted. I knew my target audience better than Instagram did, I entered in my specific target audience on every ad after. It was interesting to refine my target audience by previous results from ads.

Due to the Coronavirus, I was in quarantine for two weeks out of this semester. Yes, it was so long to be stuck inside. This gave me a lot of time to create the exact logo I wanted. As shown below in my style guide, I had lots of ideas.

As I prepare to leave BYU-Idaho, I am excited to continue to put my knowledge to the test in my own life. Through continuing to promote my business and join the marketing world of social media. I am so grateful for this caring University and the thoughtful teachers who have invested so much into me and my education. Thank you!

For my booth, I have screenshots of multiple Instagram Ad results, a screenshot of my Instagram Profile, a blown-up logo, and business cards to hand out. Here are some images below of my booth.

Main Logo



Main Logo.jpg

Business Card Front




Business Card Back




Small Logo



Logo Small.jpg

Style Guide



Style Guide.jpeg



Booth Layout.jpeg



Sadie by Booth.jpeg