Joseph Forbush- Doorzza’s PR PLan




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I created a public relations plan for a pizza making food company named Doorzza, located in Rexburg, Idaho. I worked closely with the owner of this company, Matt Pyles, to understand and help define his goals. I conducted research into their current marketing strategy. After identifying the key audiences and key messages, I devised some strategies and tactics to achieve their overarching goal: “…to raise awareness, generate interest, promote public trust, reinforce brand image, provide information and create demand.”




Doorza Senior Project Time Log


10/7/20: 1 hour: Spoke with Parker (manager) about creating BTS video for Doorzza.

10/8/20: 1 hour: Reserving and picking up camera equipment

              1 hour: Preparing camera equipment and setting up for tomorrow’s shoot.

10/9/20: 5 hours: Filmed interview and b-roll.

10/9/20: 1.5 hours: Fixing camera malfunctions and settings before interview re-shoot the next day.

10/10/20: 1.5 hours: Re-filmed interview due to technical issues.

                6 hours: Edited the video to perfection.

10/15/20: 1 hour: Met with mentor.

10/16/20: 1 hour: spent organizing and creating outline for PR plan before meeting.

10/17/20: 1 hour: wrote down notes of Doorzza

10/17/20: 1 hour: spoke with Parker about Doorzza and getting the info I needed for my PR plan.

10/19/20: 1 hour: Acquiring info prior to meeting on Thursday and writing down notes.

10/21/20: 1.5 hours: Writing down notes, discussing PR plan, ideas for Doorzza.

2 hours: Did research on finding app developers for Doorzza and asking locals about their favorite pizza places are on social media.

10/22/20: 1 hour: Met with Matt the owner of Doorzza.

                2 hours: Worked on PR plan (Intro-Goal)

10/24/20: 1.5 hours: Research and writing Objectives-Messaging

10/27/20: 1 hour: Met with Matt, owner of Doorzza.

                5 hours: Worked on Strategies & Tactics-Evaluation

10/29/20: 2 hours: Worked on PR plan.

10/30/20: 1 hours: Met with Mentor.

                2 hours: Worked on reformatting Executive Summary, Positioning, and Research.

11/5/20:   .5 hours: Met with mentor.

11/5/20:   .5 hours: Met with Matt, owner of Doorzza.

11/7/20:   5 hours: Finished written reports (i.e. press releases, etc.)

11/10/20: 4 hours: Rewriting calendar, press release, media alert and strategies.

11/11/20: 4 hours: Completed PR plan. Designed posters.

11/12/20: .5 hours: Met with mentor

11/13/20: 2 hours: Designed PR plan and finalized layout.


Total Hours: 55.5 hours