Alisa Bevziuk – Light and Faith Inspiration Campaign

Public Relations




I worked with an artist who wanted to share her testimony and inspire people through her original art. The project goal was to create a positive image for her Instagram page @lightandfaith.inspiration so she could gain more followers and become a source of inspiration.


During this project, the artist created visuals and my job consisted of four parts:

–        Research best strategies

–        Create a campaign plan

–        Execute the plan

–        Analyze the results and give recommendations


In the beginning, I studied the best methods and analyzed similar accounts to reach the campaign’s goals.


Next, I created a campaign plan and designed a book using Adobe InDesign.The plan included goals, personas, a list of strategies, and a content calendar.




Campaign Plan in Full.jpg

I chose quotes to be incorporated into the artwork, wrote captions for posts, engaged daily with other accounts, made a list of hashtags, etc. Additionally, I used to create a project management plan where the artist and I collaborated to stay on schedule.


Following this, I executed my plan. Even though I didn’t use any automated services for engagement, after the first week of high activity, the account was restricted from certain activities. It slowed down the progress of the project. I reached out to Instagram several times, researched the issue online and adapted my strategy plan.


After a week of implementing a new strategy, Instagram lifted the restriction. That same day, Instagram removed the hashtag feature indefinitely due to the US election. I made a few adjustments to my strategy and still achieved a partial success.


Lastly, I analyzed the results and provided the artist with a report which included

graphs and suggestions for the future growth of the page. I designed the report using Adobe InDesign.




Campaign Report in Full.jpg

I learned resilience and how to adjust when unplanned circumstances arrive.


Total: 88.25