Carlos Bolivar – Four Ad Strategies in One Month




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I love strategizing. I believe that there shouldn’t be one strategy that fits all, but that every brand, every company needs its own personalized strategy that fits a specific need and that will help achieve specific goals. Also, I wanted to push myself and create four strategies, in a month, one every week. My goal was to push me to be effective in strategizing in a short amount of time, showing how well I adapt to each of the companies’ needs and goals, and how I can also design multiple effective ads in a short period of time.


I know four people that have small businesses, three of them in Colombia, where I am from, and one in the United States of America. I reached out to them and asked if they would like to have an advertising campaign made for their companies, which they agreed. They are FAM JAM Music, Little Giants, Carol B. Makeup, and FUMUS. All of them in completely different markets.


Each of the strategies includes:

–        Situation Analysis

–        Competition

–        Goals and Objectives

–        Target Audience

–        Positioning Statement

–        Big Idea

–        Creative Ads and Execution


I personalized each of the strategies to meet each of the brand’s needs, which I found by having a meeting with the owners of the companies before starting with the developing of the strategies. I did all the research, came up with the positioning statement and big idea, and created at least three different and unique types of ads for every brand with an explanation on best practices. Then, I compiled everything on individual books that I designed to fit the companies’ brands and ad strategies. I will give those to the clients and discuss a plan to execute them.



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