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Moments 2 Remember


It has been my dream for years to own my own company. So, I came up with an idea of fulfilling that dream while using skills that I learned and strengthened during my time in college. For my project I used my graphic design, photography, business, marketing, and PR skills. I created the company, “Moments 2 Remember” from the ground up and implementing a plan to get it running and to be successful. Moments 2 Remember is an announcement and invitation card company that specializes in weddings, graduations, and baby births.

You might be thinking why is the “2” in Moments 2 Remember not written out. That is to emphasis on the importance that moments need to be shared. It takes 2 or more to enjoy moments like these. These moments want 2 be remembered and need 2 be shared.

The creation process for my company includes the creation of the brand/company, the content, advertisements, and a PR plan to ensure its success.


My PR and marketing background gave me the knowledge to create the structure or “bones” of my company. To find more information on my potential customers and target market I spent a substantial amount of time doing research. Part of this research included a survey that I created and later analysed.

Another big part of my research included research of my competition, as well as researching what works and does not work for a company like mine. I found that there are several online card companies, but none are as personal or customizable as I wanted Moments 2 Remember to be. The companies that I found that sell printed cards sell them individually, in packages and in PDF template forms of card that can be later printed. I decided to go the later route with my card company.

Next, I spent my time on creating my brand and the structure of my company. This included time spent on logo creation, a style guide and putting together my brand identity. Once my brand was put together, I spent time creating my business plan. This is when I decided on goals and my desired outcome for my company. I spent time researching and planning ways to make my company unique and stand out from other companies.





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Most of my time will be spent creating my website, social ­media platforms and the actual content/ products that my company will sell. My website does not only sell/ highlight the products, but it also is a place for helpful tips and blog articles for weddings, graduations, and baby births.

My best friend Stephanie was my inspiration and actual first customer of mine. She is getting married and asked me to make her customized “save the dates” as well as her wedding invitation. I had a blast designing her dream cards and fell in with card designing from there. I have created several different styles of announcements and invitations for my customers to choose from. From there, each of my products can be customized even more depending on the colors, fonts, information and photos they want included. My goal is to have each, and every customer have their dream announcements or invitations.





Once I created my company and products, I needed something to ensure that all this work would not go to waste. I wanted to see it succeed and I wanted to see it grow. So, I created a basic PR plan. This plan outlines my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It goes over my audience and then outlines goals, objective, strategies, and tactics that will help ensure my companies success and growth. I created a media plan with some examples of ads and social media posts. My media plan maps out my plans for social media, advertising, giveaways, feature stories, and other things to help my company succeed now that it has been created. With all of this, my dream for a successful at home company is set in motion and ready to launch.


It was a joy to see my dream come true and to recognize all the skills that I have gained and strengthened over the last 4 years. I am grateful for all my professors and classmates who have helped me learn and grow. I am excited for my future and for the future of Moments 2 Remember. I am excited to continue to grow my company and to one day start another company to help other dreamers like me start their own dream companies.