Kate Boland – Henly Social Media Marketing Project




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Henly Social Media Marketing Project

In this project I will work with Shop Henly, an online clothing boutique, to create a social media marketing plan. Currently, Henly does market on social media, but has yet to develop a formal social media schedule strategy. This company needs my knowledge and experience to aid in their following, online engagement, and aesthetic content creation. Although Henly has used social media tools in efforts to show their audience new arrivals of clothing, and to communicate with customers, they have only been used loosely with no real consistent or strategic approach. The development of a social media plan will improve communication and marketing techniques to Henly’s social media audience and customers.

Goals & Justification of Project

Over the past few years, I have really found an interest in the popularity and growth of social media. I found I was intrigued by how so many people flocked to social media sites for various reasons. After taking marketing and advertising course, I found and realized how important and vital it is for certain businesses to have a presence and have consistency on social media. For my future career I want to aid in a business’ growth by taking their marketing to another level. That’s why, for this project I reached out to Henly, to allow me to create a social media marketing plan to heighten their online potential and success all while I gain experience in this type of job.