Geoffrey Marvin – Untitled – The Art of Making Films Inefficiently

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Originally, I imagined this project being a project about a project. After talking with brother Mawlam, it felt like a good direction to go would be an episodic series where I commit every “no-no,” hubris, and misstep commonly found in the process of students learning to make films. It’s something very satirical and sarcastic. It’s a “how-to” video except it’s how to do things the wrong way and it pokes fun at that. As I have been writing and brainstorming the material, I have been able to come up with so many opportunities for humor as so much of the bumbling is so relatable to people who make films.

My three main goals in making this series are as follows:

  1. I want to try making the production process which is generally pretty unhumorous into a funny subject through editing and through the lens of a very subjective perspective (the stereotypical film student).

  2. Advance my skills in creative use of editing, comedic timing, and writing rather than relying on a funny premise or subject. (Humor coming from the portrayal of the subject, rather than the subject itself.)

  3. Creating a video series that my potential employers can easily relate to.

As far as how much time this will take, it will be flexible because of making it episodic. I will simply need to make episodes until I reach the 50 hour mark. That being said, with pre-production, production, and postproduction. It shouldn’t take very much to reach 50 hours. Video production takes a long time to do.