Joe Klenotich – Rexburg Rock Gym Marketing Video

Comm and Advocacy


This video is designed to promote and market the kids’ rock-climbing classes at the Rexburg Rock Gym. This video was filmed in 4K footage and includes beautiful shots that will appeal to any audience. Because the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many local businesses, this video was created in an effort to increase membership among these kids’ classes for this business. I filmed the video on the iPhone 11 Pro and used a gimbal, audio equipment, and lighting equipment to ensure the highest quality for my client. Programs used to make this video include Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, and Audition. The mobile application FilmicPro was also used. I ensured that a location agreement was signed and talent release forms for each participant were filled out. The music in the video also follows copyright guidelines. It was a great experience filming this promotional marketing video. I believe that the owner of the rock gym, the parents, and the kids themselves will all be satisfied with the end product.

Hours Logged

Senior Project Time Log


●October 15: Client requisition, meetings (1 hour).

●October 17: Camera purchase/set up (4 hours).

●November 6: Equipment purchase. i.e. gimbal and sound equipment (2 hours).

●November 7: Gimbal and FilmicPro research and practice. Shot list (4 hours).

●November 9: Client meeting (1 hour).

●November 10: First day of filming—B-roll footage (2 hours).

●November 11: Second day of filming—More B-roll footage (2.5 hours).

●November 11: Film research i.e. color correction, FilmicPro (2 hours).

●November 12: Video editing (4 hours) and interview filming/gym filming (3hours).

●November 14: Video editing and sound selection (8 hours).

●November 15: Video editing (8 hours).

●November 16: Logoediting in After Effects (4 hours) and additional filming (2hours).

●November 17: Talent release form acquisition and last shots (3 hours).

●November 17: Video editing and color correction (4 hours).

●November 18: Final video, printing, video editing, YouTube uploads (10 hours).


Total time logged: 64.5 hours.

Purchases:·Gimbal–100 dollars·

Sound equipment–50 dollars·

FilmicPro App–15 dollars·

Gasoline–20 dollars·

Printing costs–26 dollars

Total amount spent: 211 dollars