Mariah Park – Conquer the Brand

Visual Communication




For my senior project I am building a brand for a client who is just starting their business. This client’s brand is called “Konqur” and their plan is to sell outdoor apparel and gear. Their goal is to be known for their quality backpacks used for rugged travel that will last their customers a lifetime. Their statement is that their products will enable you to “konqur” your bucket list and add purpose to your travel.

My project consists of creating Konqur’s logo, branding guide, social media and Google ads, and a campaign video. When creating the logo and overall look of the brand, my goal was to have a message or meaning behind their logo. I used shapes to create the look of the letter “K” for “Konqur,” as well as included a symbol of a mountain and sun to incorporate an earthy theme. The company is very new and doesn’t have an official product just yet, so I worked on designing mockup ads that could run on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. These ads will eventually consist of photos displaying Konqur’s products, but for now I used photos and design elements that would fit their desired look. For the last part of my project, I created a short campaign video that aligns with their branding. They are all about travel and adventure and using their backpacks to make getting outdoors more convenient, so I made a video that simply focused on the great outdoors.

While they don’t have an official product yet, my main purpose with this project was to focus on building their brand. This is a long-term client and I am excited to continue to keep working with them and helping them grow.