Alejandro Lopez – Grifols: Plasma and Pandemics

Public Relations




Project Summary

If you’ve lived in Rexburg for any amount of time, chances are you’ve heard of Grifols, or at the very least, donating plasma. It’s a Rexburg mainstay and a great way to make a little extra money.

As with all things, a lot changed when COVID-19 hit. Cases were exploding in Madison County due to students not taking it seriously and throwing “COVID parties” to get extra money from donating plasma. All of a sudden, Grifols was in the headlights as one of the causes for the outbreaks.

The purpose of this project is to determine the Rexburg community’s perception of how Grifols is handling the COVID-19 pandemic, their thoughts on the COVID-19 program and whether Grifols has a positive or negative reputation in Rexburg. Using this information, I developed a PR plan to maintain the positive reputation that Grifols has spent so long building as well as fix any ill feelings they may have attained. I created the plan using a survey that I distributed though social media as well as a QR code for people I met in person.

Being an employee at Grifols gave me an incredible look into both sides of the story and I learned what corporates thoughts are, the center’s thoughts and the thoughts of the incredible donors that help save lives. Many companies boast “coming together as a community” but this project has taught me that Grifols is a company that doesn’t just say it with words, but does it through their actions and their eagerness to help.

I hope you enjoy this project and learn what an important business in Rexburg is doing to keep us safe!

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