Shu Hang Leung – Ham Baang Laang Cantonese Graded Readers Public Relations Plan

Public Relations




My project is to create a public relations plan and a functional website for Ham Baang Laang Cantonese Graded Readers, a cultural and language learning non-profit organization in Hong Kong. Ham Baang Laang Cantonese Graded Readers aimed to promote Cantonese culture and language learning for everyone, everywhere.

 The main objectives for the project include the following:

  1. Raise public awareness for the organization

  2. Expand the organization’s community connections

  3. Share core values through creativity and storytelling

  4. Apply practical communications and marketing strategies

I decided to work on this public relations campaign because Cantonese is my mother tongue. This organization is built on a root and culture that I am passionate about and care about. This organization also has lots of potentials to bring its values to the communities.  

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