Johnny Lott – Expanding Suicide Prevention in Idaho

Strategical Organization




Project Summary:

Expanding Suicide Prevention in Idaho is a project I took on to contribute to the continuing effort of lowering suicide rates in Idaho. The project consists of two phases where I put my time and skills.

The first phase of the project was to assist Andra Hansen and the director of the Center for Hope, Nancy Espeseth, in community outreach efforts to different service sectors around Idaho. Our goal was to keep track of outreach in an organized way as we offer QPR training to different areas around the state. I contributed by coordinating a team of about six students in gathering contact information for different organizations/service sectors in Idaho. I created a spreadsheet where this data can be documented and then used by the Center for Hope to track their community outreach. The spreadsheet details the organizations that have been contacted/not contacted, their level of interest in receiving QPR training, and scheduled appointments.

The second phase of this project is the Expanding Suicide Prevention in Idaho issue book. This issue book details the Idaho Suicide Prevention Plan and how QPR training and community outreach align with this plan. The Center for Hope can use this issue book to continue to advocate for the expansion of suicide prevention training throughout Idaho.

The experience with communication and leadership skills that I have had with this project are very valuable to me and even more valuable is the potential good that suicide prevention work can do for the lives of others.