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Project Summary:

For my senior project I chose to manage and create content for a digital illustrations social media account that I created. The purpose of this project was to leverage something I love, which is digital illustration, and turn it into something that simultaneously demonstrates what I have learned in my time at BYU-Idaho. I was able to show that I can manage a social media account, create content, execute a digital marketing plan, build a strong following, boost engagement, work with influencers, and grow a brand that I care about.

 In the preparation phase I created a thorough marketing plan, including a SWOT analysis, goals and objectives, a social media calendar, and I also ran a competitive analysis to determine pricing, and see what other digital illustrators were doing so that I could position myself as a unique account among my competitors.

 SWOT Analysis:

Strengths: Knowledge, growing ability and simultaneous growth in this area through classes, already have tools, lots of demand and opportunity for clients around me, lots of holidays and big things coming up to take advantage of

Weaknesses: Lack of time, lack of artistic background, not good at calligraphy

Opportunities: Be different than the average illustrator, holidays and big events

Threats: Lots of competition, many similar creators in the market

  My goals were as follows:




During the first phase of my project, I created and posted original content consistently to build my brand, boost engagement, and provide my followers with interesting and unique content for their instagram feed. I continued this posting throughout the entire semester. I also used Instagram insight tools to pinpoint target audiences within my following, and also those who I should market towards. Using this information I planned out three ads I promoted throughout the semester.

 During the second phase I pinpointed micro-influencers I could work with and reached out to them to determine how we could work together. Micro influencers are social media influencers who market to audiences that I want to acquire and have a small enough following that they have a room for my work in their feed. I offered to do complimentary work in exchange for promotion from them which helped me to gain new followers and wider visibility. 

During the third phase of my project I created a Tik Tok account for my brand and made videos showing my work and who I am as a creator. I learned how to make high quality videos that are eye-catching and engaging.

To conclude the project I analyzed metrics, the success of my work and progress I made with my goals, and combined all the info and results into a presentation.

 I am so thankful for the insights and experience I gained from this project and am eager to continue to grow in my skills as a digital artist and marketer going forward.

 Project Expenses:

Prints for presentation background: $6

Instagram Promotions: $50

Splice Video Software: $3