Julia Quizon – Kiara Ward Wellness PR & Marketing Strategy

Public Relations




Project Summary

Kiara Ward Wellness is a new, health coaching business organized by BYU-Idaho alumna, Kiara Ward. She is a qualified fitness instructor who offers private, and at times, group classes to those interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

My senior project consists of brainstorming for and planning different ways to increase her clientele number and get the name of her business out to those in the community. My work will be compiled in a Public Relation campaign book, including goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. This campaign book also contains analyses of the situation and what can be improved, as well as a timeline for my client to refer to. Throughout the duration of the project, I have and will continue to do research on promoting businesses such as through social media, better user website experience and writing pieces for Ward to share with her audience.

I will include written material that she can post so that her name and business can appear more often in front of potential clients. Another important part of my project is to plan for, and perhaps host depending on my client’s decision, a virtual Zoom event for potential clients. I will prepare the mechanisms, the content, as well as reach out to those who may be interested so that my client may have a successful event. I meet with my client often to make sure that I am providing research and material that can be of use to her. Kiara Ward Wellness can truly make a difference in people’s lives and their well-being and I am excited to help Ward expand and promote awareness for her business.




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Client meetings: 

January 29 – 40 (expectations, etc)

February 4 – 35 (bounce off ideas)

February 13 – 25 (Valentine’s Day campaign details)

March 3 – 20 (Valentine’s Day campaign recap; solidify ideas and plans)

March 15 – 30 (Client presentation with ideas; proceed to do edits)

  1. Client business research – 240 minutes (4 hrs)

  2. Client meetings – 150 minutes (2.5 hrs)

  3. Zoom event: Meet and Greet with Kiara! – 480 minutes (8 hrs)

  4. May the Fitness be with you Campaign – 450 minutes (7.5 hrs)

  5. Yoga & You: International Day of Yoga (June 21) Campaign – 460 minutes (7.66 hrs)

  6. Website builder research- 450 minutes (7.5 hrs)

  7. Group coaching and group yoga approach – 270 minutes (4.5 hrs)

  8. Elements of PR Campaign Plan + video – 650 minutes (10.83 hrs)


Total – 3120 minutes/52 hours total