Boyd Querubin – Tiny3DTemples Animation Video: Purchase Order Confirmation

Video Production




Project Summary

David, my client, is a co-owner for a local 3D printing business called Tiny3DTemples. I reached out to David at the start of the semester and proposed my idea of creating an infographic video for his company. As it turned out, they wanted to create a purchase confirmation email for their customers.


The purpose of the of the project is to inform the customer of what happens after they have completed their purchase. David wanted a purchase confirmation video that was fun and interesting instead of the typical, plain, generic confirmation email. Creating an infographic video fit well with that idea.


The project will eventually help Tiny3DTemples as a company, by posting the infographic video on their social media platforms. The project can also be uploaded to their website and YouTube channel, thereby also giving them access to further analytics and insight regarding their target audience.


For anyone interested, here is their website and social media:

Adobe Software used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premier Pro


Salt Lake Temple Model from Thingyverse.


Scripts used:

–        Duik Bassel

–        Element 3D


Audio: YouTube Audio Library

The bulk of the hours I spent was in asset creation and animation. I have been in constant touch with David to personalize the project. The animation will follow the narration of the voice actor, according to the script that was made.




Project Video

Animation Project