Leah Witting – Bow Wow Bandanas

Visual Communication




Project Summary

The title of my project is Bow Wow Bandanas. My project allowed me to demonstrate my skills in creating designs that can be displayed on other kinds of apparel. The specific apparel that I am showcasing for this project are bandanas for dogs. This may seem like a very random idea to showcase but it seems pretty normal to me. I am from Seattle Washington so it’s not uncommon to see people dress their animals up with sweaters or bandanas. We have a festival in Seattle where people from all over come to listen to music and to share in the ambience of the festival. Whenever I go, I always see dogs wearing bandanas, and I’m always surprised by how many are wearing them.

Designing things is something I love to do. I’m always doodling in my sketch book and wanting to create my own cool designs to show off. I thought that I could combine my love for designing, and the canine culture of wearing bandanas. Why not create some bandana designs and show them off on an Instagram account?

Rena and Chica are my two dogs that I used as models for this project. Rena is a Golden Retriever/ Labrador mix and Chica is a Keeshond, for all you dog lovers out there. I took three pictures for the mockups, two of Rena and one of Chica, all displaying different sized bandanas and angles.

I created 20 designs in Adobe Illustrator, and then saved them to my computer to have them ready for the Photoshop portion of my project.

My mentor taught me how to create mockups for my designs using Photoshop Then I was able to play around with the different designs I created and see what picture would display the designs the best.

I then posted all 20 designs and mockups to the Bow Wow Bandanas Instagram account and reproduced 20 different captions and hashtags for the posts. Since I posted I’ve have gotten direct messages from similar canine companies asking to collaborate with them. I am thoroughly proud of the work that I have done.

I had a ton of fun creating these designs and putting them on display like this. I am glad I learned so much from this project. I learned new skills in Illustrator and Photoshop from this project that have actually helped me in other classes I am taking this semester.

I am hoping to take these skills and help assist companies that need help to promote their brands, apparel or other merchandise.