Macall West – Digital/Social Virtual Assistant

Visual Communication




Project summary

For my senior project, I wanted to create a platform where I can market my services and provide value to an online audience (Instagram: @digitalmacall). I wanted to be known as a personal assistant in the digital world to help creatives with social media and digital marketing strategy. I wanted my account to be a space where people could turn to for free educational/inspirational/entertainment content. At the start of this, I had hopes where I could get paid for my services, which turned out to be the case!


I started a brand-new account, with zero followers. I wanted to see how much I could grow my channel organically in 3 weeks, and it did not disappoint! I was able to accumulate 226 followers, providing 5 feed posts and 17 story posts in the span of those 3 weeks.


I listed out my services in my very first post and never talked about my services directly to my audience ever again. I created a strategy to provide valuable, free information for creatives to improve their channel without being sales-y. The listed services that I offered are mentioned below, in which I had people reach out and pay me to do for them.


-Competitor research

-Audience analysis to help with reach

-Social media audit to determine strengths and areas for growth

-Managing social media accounts

-Video editing

-Creating/designing graphics to strengthen brand cohesion

-Community management for brand awareness


Work summary

I planned out all my posts and created all my own graphics to go along with my strategy. I did a total of 4 personal graphics for my page, which ranged from 1-5 hours to complete each. I also provided 17 story posts, so I was always relevant and active on my account.


I did community management for at least one hour every single day, interacting and commenting on pages that are similar to mine to help grow my page organically. Going along with this, I researched hashtags and provided at least 15 tags in my posts, so people were able to find me. I found out that the best way for me to grow my page is to provide strong hashtags in my posts and to do community management every single day.


I have been creating content for clients who have been reaching out to me, a total of 12 social media posts that I have finished so far. I also have 5 on the way that needs a little more time to finish.


This social media page is something that I want to keep up, as it has provided me a little bit of extra income by doing this on the side. My future goals with this account are to be able to work with bigger companies and get my name out there. I would also love to do master classes and teach others who are interested in this field about what I have learned and how I can help them get better. I hope to limit my hours at my current 9-5 job and be able to focus more on this freelance gig.