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Visual Communication



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Has a funny statement on a bumper sticker ever caught your eye causing you to smile or laugh out loud? And let’s face it, who could not appreciate some much-needed humor these days? I have always enjoyed honest humor and experiences that are relatable to others. And thus, Bad Review Stickers was created. 


For my project, I sought out online reviews from different well-known tourist destinations, seeking honest and hilarious descriptions from disappointed visitors. I designed a series of attractive yet humorous stickers and a website with a functioning web commerce store.  My stickers are colorful and attractive, and yet they communicate a message of brutal honesty that is comical.




In the creative process, I first identified the reviews I would use for my stickers. Then I Recreated each landmark using adobe illustrator and photoshop. This process took a significant amount of time because I had to go back to the drawing board for a lot of my designs.




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After working to perfect these designs, I formulated 3 elements that each sticker needed to have:

  1. The landmarks depicted in the stickers needed to be recognizable.

  2. Each sticker needed to show depth. This contributed greatly to the desired quality of the sticker designs.

  3. To have consistency, I decided to make all the stickers the same round shape, with similar typography so the stickers are easily recognized and in line with the brand Bad Review Stickers.

To create rich vibrant colorful images in my designs, I turned to Adobe Color often for the use of color palettes that were bold and pleasing to the eye. After the designs were finalized, I applied them to photo mockups to show that my stickers are original, attractive, and entertaining. 




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After the stickers were completed, I began working on the website design. I purchased the domain and used CSS coding and the Divi builder to execute a great website. perfectly showcases each sticker design and has the potential to launch Bad Review Stickers into a very successful enterprise. The business model I have created can also expand to additional products in the future. 


Take a look at the website and feel free to leave a bad review about places you have visited. I am sure others will appreciate your honesty and sense of humor, I know I will!




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