Megan White – The Confidence Project





Project Summary

My original idea for this project was a magazine of self-portraits and a narrative about my self-confidence journey. Upon discussing my idea with friends and my mentor, I decided to take it a step further and get friends and family involved in the project as well. I set up appointments for photoshoots with seven family members. Originally, I wanted to do colorful, vibrant backgrounds and props. I decided to simplify and make my color scheme gray scale. I wanted the focus to be more on the narrative than the photos. Although, the photos would be there to support and add to the narrative. With my self-portraits included, there are eight sections.

In addition to the photoshoot, I scheduled interview times with my family member to talk about confidence. These were the general questions I used to start the conversation: what does confidence look like to you? What’s the most important character trait of a confident person? What qualities do you have that help you feel confident? What would you rate your confidence, in general? What’s one thing you could start doing today to help you be more confident?

Once I’d completed gathering my content, I started editing the photos, designing the magazine, and placing the photos in their respective sections. The narrative was the last part I edited and added to the magazine. I needed to make sure everything flowed and fit nicely where it was supposed to.

Below is a video describing my project in more depth. There are photos of the magazine included, but if you’d like a closer look, there will be screenshots included below that.