Katie Whitford – Credit University

Public Relations




Project Summary

I designed a PR plan for Rexburg Progrexion. Their goal is to increase hiring efforts. Progrexion hires sales agents focused on helping people repair their credit to get into a better financial position. My plan was to create strategies and tactics to help accomplish this goal. I created original content for their social media and ran a sample campaign titled “Credit University.” Not many young adults understand or have gained proper education on how credit works. This campaign helps educate young adults in the Rexburg area about credit while also advertising a great job opportunity for them. I posted all of my original designs on @credit.university until the business decides to use the content for their corporate social media accounts. I used Hootsuite to run a two-week campaign on Instagram. Since Rexburg Progrexion will be hiring an intern next semester to be the social media specialist and recruiting assistant, I prepared the tools they will need so they can have the resources to carry out the PR plan.