Nina Mantle – Hecho Con Amor- Preserving Family History Through Food Photography

Visual Communication




Project Summary

It is said that there are five love languages, but in reality, there are six. Food is a love language, well at least for me and my family. 

I wanted to share my love language with the world by compiling my grandmother’s Hispanic recipes into a cookbook. I really wanted to find a way to preserve such an important part of my culture and this was the perfect opportunity.

For this project I photographed 20 of my grandmother’s recipes and designed a layout that would be easy to read and understand.

The main test with this project was photographing and creating elements that not only showcased the food and recipes but also encompassed the Hispanic culture.

To accomplish this, I tried to incorporate this culture wherever possible. I used my grandmother’s Guatemalan woven cloths in many of my photos to stylize and bring in a traditional Hispanic feel. On the layout I created embroidery illustrations that mimicked the look found on many traditional Guatemalan cloths.

I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to leave my mark on my family’s history. This project also allowed to create a great portfolio piece to show to future employers.