Ashton Mackay – Idaho is NOT Boring: Building the Idaho Travel Chick Brand

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Project Summary

The Girl (the Idea):

Initially, I was confused as to what I could/wanted to complete as my Senior Project at BYU-Idaho. In my frequent meetings with my faculty mentor, Brother Jason Reeder, we would discuss ideas with no luck when one day, Brother Reeder said, “what do you like to do? You need to do something that has to do with that.”

I realized that my passion for travel, hiking, outdoor recreation, etc. as well as my love for Idaho could potentially become a full-out project opportunity. So, I started to look into it and research.

In my research I found some disturbing news.

In a research article called the “Most Boring States [of] 2021”, the 50 States were ranked from 1 to 50 (50 being the least boring and 1 being the most boring.) Can you guess which state was number 1? (and not in a good way) If you guessed Idaho, you’re right. (


Being an Idaho girl myself, this newly acquired information didn’t sit quite right with me. Idaho is amazing and exciting. Why doesn’t anyone else know this?

And thus, Idaho Travel Chick was created.


The Chick (the Plan):

Being a project without a client base, I knew that I would need to showcase a plethora of my work and skills to prove that the project holds legitimate merit so, I got to work.

I created:

(1) a professional social media account with the handle name idahotravelchick (

(2) an Idaho Travel Chick blog on weebly (

(3) an Idaho Travel Chick original podcast called ‘Gem State Gems’ (

(4) I created Idaho Travel Chick T-Shirts and stickers on and


The Legend (the Results):

There were several exciting results:

(1)  I have 12 known Idaho T-Shirt orders (several requests from individuals I don’t personally know.)

(2)  The Idaho Travel Chick Instagram started with 0 followers and now has 509 followers (and counting.)

(3)  The Idaho Travel Chick blog has had 99 page visits since it was published.

(4)  From Jan. 15 to Feb. 13, content interactions went up 107.6% (1,707 interactions.)


Idaho Travel Chick Podcast (teaser)

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