Thomas Nixon – Brooks Pest Control Facebook Ad Campaign

Public Relations




Project Summary

One of my favorite parts about my major has been working for real clients. For my senior project, I worked to find my own client that would grant me the opportunity to run a lead generation advertising campaign. I have been privileged to work with Brooks Pest Control for these last three months.


For my Brooks Pest Control advertising campaign, I focused on creating ads to target both former customers and the company’s target audience in the east Bay Area. The advertising platform I used was Facebook ads. To compliment this platform, I incorporated Unbounce’s landing page software with a Facebook pixel attached and Call Rail’s software to track leads that called the tracking number included in the ads I developed.


All the designs used, minus the one video ad, were designs I created. This caused me to step outside of my comfort zone as I do not consider myself very competent in design elements.


This project has taught me more than I could have ever imagined about creating, running, and redesigning advertisements. I learned that having a successful lead generation ad campaign is very difficult, but that it can be done. I’m grateful that my senior project caused me to grow while utilizing the skills I’ve sought to develop in my time of studying the field of communication.