Cristian Ortiz – Hunting and Fishing for Beginners Podcast/PR Campaign

Public Relations




Project Summary

For my senior project, I chose to start a podcast that is accompanied by a blog. I created a public relations campaign to understand what my strengths and weaknesses were, as well as, my goals and strategies. It also helped me to better understand my target audience and the opportunities and threats for my podcast. To market my project, I shared blogs and podcasts on my social media accounts on a regular basis and eventually created its own Instagram account. A big marketing strategy that helped me was word of mouth. My friends and my podcast guests shared with their friends as well.


The podcast is about tips and ideas on how people can get into hunting and fishing. I hosted several episodes with guests who have expertise or who meant something to me personally in my hunting and fishing career. To publish one podcast, I had to schedule a guest, write interview questions and share them with my guests. I had to record and edit the podcast and schedule it to be published. I was able to release my podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. I had to create artwork to use as the face of my podcast.  I have recorded and published six episodes of my podcast.


I also created a blog to accompany my podcast. I talked about similar topics as I did on the podcast. I was able to share more personal stories in my blog. To publish my blog, I first had to create the blog website. I had to come up with a topic and write an outline. I had to find a photograph that I have taken that correlated with my topic and write and edit the final product to be published.  I have three blogs published to my blog website.