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Project Summary

I made my first announcement card design for my brother who was graduating High School. This sparked a new dream of mine, to make announcement cards that people would want to buy. I wanted a project that could help me earn passive income after I graduate college. I want to have as many ways to earn income as possible.

I started this project off with the intention of making my own website to sell these designs from, but after doing some research, I thought a website like Etsy might be better suited for my purposes. I want to try and attract the audience that already uses Etsy to my shop so that they will buy my products. I was a bit scared by the idea of managing and marketing a whole new website that has to compete against other giants like Etsy or other well established artists.

One of my goals was to become more familiar with the Affinity programs. They are comparable to the Adobe suite and cost a lot less, so I thought it would be a good resource and skill to have for the future. I don’t plan to buy an Adobe Subscription after I’m graduated.

I decided to use McKenna Pro to print and send all my finished work to my clients. I have worked with them in the past to print some fine art photography I’ve done. I have always been impressed with their quality and paper options.

My shop has already attracted some attention, but I have yet to make a sale. I’m sure with some time and more products I will be able to attract clients.

Finished Announcements