James Gallacci – Ford Commercial Series

Video Production




Project Summary

My client was the Woody Smith Ford dealership in Rexburg. I talked directly with Woody Smith and then talked to his son, Austin who is the manager of the dealership.

The purpose of this project was to create  visually appealing commercials for the website and social media platforms of the company. The format is ideal for website viewing and after meeting with Austin, he expressed he would want to try and use these commercials for local viewing in theaters as well.

I was then put in touch with Derek Smith to coordinate filming days and what cars we could take out to film. The necessary paperwork and information was provided each time we took cars away from the dealership to ensure safety and responsibility.

The Project includes the following:

·       Creating Pitches

·       Shotlist Creation

·       Filming

·       Color Correcting

·       Rough and Final Cuts

The main portion of this project was in post production of putting all the footage together and mixing audio and other factors.

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition

Video Series