Annily Hawks – Labels as Humans

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Project Summary

My project, Labels as Humans was inspired by my desire to bring more unity among the world. It is human nature to make assumptions based on certain labels that we may identify with. Each person has unique experiences that make them who they are, and I wanted to highlight people who may be different from me, giving them a space to share small and meaningful parts of them and why they are human.

I gathered a few people, some who were friends and some strangers and asked them to identify a label that describes them. Some examples of the labels I had in mind were: gay, religious, artist, singer, survivor, black, white, etc. Their labels could be as surface level or meaningful as they wanted.  Then, I planned a day, time and place to do a 30 minute to an hour photo shoot while asking them questions that included but are not limited to:

–        What is the label you are choosing to identify with for this project?

–        What is the biggest trial you face because you are a(n) ______________(your label)_________?

–        What brings you joy?

–        What does it mean to you to be vulnerable?

–        What is your favorite part of being (your label)?

–        What is the most important thing you want people to know about you? (this can be related to your label but doesn’t have to)

–        What are three positive qualities about you?

–        What is something you wish the world had more of?

 After listening to these individuals stories I spent time writing blog posts about their experiences and carefully choosing a few meaningful photos from their time in front of the camera.

 During this project I was able to I show off my skills that I have learned while being a Communication Major. Some of these skills include:

–        Using Adobe products to edit photos

–        Using a camera to take high quality images that make people feel good, while telling their story

–        Writing and editing skills

–        Researching and promoting a cause that I am passionate about

–        The use of WordPress to create blog posts and a visual pleasing site to display my writing and photography.

 By the end of my project I hope to have also learned to be more open minded about individuals who identify with diverse labels, I also hope to learn how to accurately portray this great message to others. I want to highlight diverse groups who identify with labels but also have some qualities that defy society’s typical thoughts and assumptions.


You can read the blog posts and view photos of each human that was involved in this project here: