Taylor Heikell – Crime Cloud Podcast

Video Production




Project Summary

Hi, my name is Taylor Heikell and I’m majoring in Communication with an emphasis in video production. For my senior project, I created a podcast with a friend called Crime Cloud. Each week, we take turns talking about a true crime case that interests us and then we upload each episode to Audioboom.

Research usually takes six hours or more to complete. I find my best research while watching documentaries or YouTube clips covering the cases. I upload my research to the drive so my cohost can read while we record, and I always include pictures to give her more of a visual of who is involved, where the crime occurred and whatever evidence sticks out to me.

Each episode has a blog post that includes the show notes. I include every source mentioned and used, as well as pictures of the victims, perpetrators, buildings, family members or anything else we mention on that episode.

When I upload an episode, I always update Instagram, Twitter, and my personal Facebook so the listeners know when a new episode is up to listen.

We always get 10-15 listens on the first day the episode is out, and trickles down to five before the next episode airs. Lately, our listens have gone up and I found that we 30 people who regularly listen to each episode.