Broderick Dover – That 40 Project





Project Summary

I have a 1976 Toyota Landcruiser that barely runs and is hanging on by a thread. This vehicle was recently acquired after sitting around for nearly two years. This also happened to be my first car and has been in my family (and extended family) for about 27 years. There is a saying about the car that runs in our family,

“This car has more past than it does future”

I plan on breathing some life into this Landcruiser.  Along the way I will document my progress on Instagram and format my page to be like a “business” page. The goal is to see what attention I can gather through organic and paid social media growth. This vehicle is a bit rough on the eyes, and not something that anyone will follow due to any “cool” factor.

 However, the Toyota Landcruiser has a very loyal fan base, and I am sure with proper hashtags, posts, organic and paid ads, I can develop an active audience. While he car will most likely not be completed by in a short time frame, but I should be able to grow a decent sized audience on Instagram in the meantime and make some progress with the vehicle.

Project Video