Dal Araújo – Building a YouTube Channel

Digital and Social Media




Project Summary

For this project I took a deep dive into what it takes to make a YouTube Channel successful. YouTube is currently the second largest search engine used around the world. Being able to know how to work the analytics and make a brand successful through the medium is key.

During this project I was in charge of the YouTube channel of Shred Media. Shred Media is an attention and impact agency that operates within the mortgage and real estate industry. Shred Media has an established presence on Facebook and on LinkedIn. YouTube is the next challenge for them.

To accomplish that goal l was in charge of uploading the content and making sure it is optimized for YouTube. That means adding the following:

Intros: Working alongside with our videographer to create engaging intros that will catch the attention of our audience. This includes participating in the recording of videos and the editing process.

Outros: Outros are another chance to remind the audience to subscribe to the channel and invite them to return. Outros should be short but communicate the brand message. I will be helping record and edit these outros.

Thumbnails: I will be completely in charge of creating thumbnails. These will be eye catching and help viewers click on videos. Thumbnails will be created on photoshop, which will allow me to continue to develop my skills.

Call to actions + Motion graphics: These will invite engagement to the video and to the channel. Call to actions will be found during the video, such as motion graphics inviting viewers to subscribe and like the video.

YouTube Report