Katey Busche – The Sewing Basket

Public Relations




Project Summary

Something I’ve learned throughout my college career while studying public relations is that you learn and do a little bit of everything. That is exactly what I ended up doing for this project.

I worked for a local fabric and quilting store called The Sewing Basket. I wanted to establish and revamp their brand. I mainly worked on cleaning up their Facebook page, but I focused on other areas as well. From working with this client on prior projects (don’t worry, it didn’t overlap with anything I did for this project), I understood their brand and the persona they wanted to give off, I didn’t go in totally blind.

The biggest problem I found with my client was their need for increased awareness. By establishing their brand, they’ll be able to build a stronger connection with their target audience.





  •         Optimized and rebranded the Facebook Page
  •         Posted various photos, events, a Facebook story, and a boosted post
  •         Researched competitors and prepped for upcoming Livestream

There isn’t much to show for this, but I spent a lot of time helping to navigate the website and adding various modules throughout the site. I assisted the owners in understanding how to do edit the website for themselves. I also viewed competitors’ websites to see what to add onto my client’s site as well.


I emailed the survey to subscribers, posted the link on Facebook, and made an accessible QR code in the store for customers to take the survey.

Survey results included below.

Email Marketing:

I touched on some email marketing by creating a few templates for my client. I worked on email marketing with this client on a previous class project, so I didn’t want to overlap for my project. See the articles in the video presentation.

Advice moving forward:

In the article below, I wanted to give my client a rundown of what I had learned throughout the duration of researching various ways to engage this target audience and how to involve their target audience more. I also gave them some guidelines of what to post and what to keep in mind when creating posts. I suggested some ideas going forward of what to potentially implement in future sewing classes and posts. Read all about it below.