Hazel Folsom – Girls Trapped in Dreams Promotional Campaign

Public Relations




Project Summary

For my project, I wrote and designed a collection of poetry called “Girls Trapped and Dreams” and created and executed an advertisement campaign for the book. My project can be divided into three parts: product, pre-release sales and post-release sales.

The Product

 For my project I needed to create a product that my target audience would be interesting in purchasing. I compiled a book of poetry. This includes 55 poems written by me as well as illustrations I doodled to go along with many of the poems.

Part of selling a product includes the packaging and branding. I researched popular poetry collections to get a feel for the market. Based on this research, I designed a simplistic cover, chose a title and wrote a description that would appeal to my target audience.

I spent a lot of time researching for this project. I researched other examples of books in the market, advertising techniques and the best options for self-publishing my poetry collection. 

Pre-Release Sales

 Leading up to the release of my book, I started a social media campaign to increase anticipation and pre-sell copies of my book. I created a simple author website using carrd as well as official author profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads. I also advertised as the author on my personal accounts to friends and family members.

To increase awareness of my book, I created a giveaway and pre-order prize campaigns. These are tactics I have seen used by many authors. The giveaway campaign encourages people to share posts about the book on their own social media pages and add it on Goodreads. The pre-order prizes are meant to incentivize more sales. For the prizes, I have designed and will print bookmarks to give for free to anyone who pre-orders the book.

Post-Release Sales

After the release of my book, I continued to advertise the book on social media. I used physical images of the book to create aesthetic photos and posts that will appeal to my target audience.

I encouraged those who had read the book to review it on Goodreads.