Ellie Fleming – Love Olive Co’s Core Collection

Public Relations





Project Summary

For my Senior Project, I helped launch Love Olive Co’s Core Collection. The Core Collection is a selection of “core” clothing items that are staples in every woman’s closet. The Core Collection was launched on March 16th online and in-stores. This project displays my skills in events management, graphic design, public relations, social media marketing, and visual media skills. I helped curate the clothing line, recruited 13 models for the product photoshoot, found a videographer & photographer, created coupons for the models who came to the shoot, and managed & ran the product photoshoot. At this photoshoot, I managed a team of 18 to create content for Love Olive Co’s social media channels and website. We had two other product photoshoots for the Core Collection. Finally, I reached out to 12 social media influencers to work with us for the launch. We’re currently working with nine social media influencers that I sent PR packages with personalize coupon codes and a 24-hour early access code to the release. We’ll know more about how they helped the release a week after the release. I also created ads for Love Olive Co to run via Facebook Ads Manager. In the first 48-hours of the release, Love Olive Co made $38,000 from the Core Collection. I would consider this release a success and I’m thankful that I was able to work with Stephanie at Love Olive Co to launch the Core Collection.




This is a picture that encompasses Love Olive Co’s mission statement, which is something I wanted to emphasis in the Core Collection Campaign. On Love Olive Co’s Instagram post, I wrote the caption from the owner’s perspective for this picture. The caption reads,

“The Love Olive Co Crew is fearless, loving, cheerful, strong, happy, serving a purpose and I could go on and on. ⁠

I designed this Core Collection because I wanted to bring things back to our core, to the basics of who we are. We are so much more than our clothes. We are doing an amazing job as a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter. For that I say THANK YOU!”


Here are some other pictures from the photoshoots that I directed, styled, and coordinated for the Love Olive Co’s Core Collection.








Here are some ads I created for Love Olive Co for the Core Collection.




This is the coupon that we gave all of the models that came to shoot with us for our Core Collection.




Here’s the flyer I designed that we sent to all of the Influencers in their PR Packages. We used social media influencers as well as Facebook & Pinterest Ads to advertise the Core Collection.