Mary Kebker – Feed the Team

Public Relations




Project Summary

For this project, I compiled and edited a cookbook of family recipes. The title of the cookbook, and the project, is Feed the Team. The name is inspired by the nickname my parents have called our family for years.

I followed the AP style guidelines for writing recipes. This ensured the recipes are consistent and look the same throughout the entire book. The cookbook incorporated photography and graphic design to help the pages look appealing and easy to read. I also wrote editorial insights of specific recipes, including the background, history, origin, family history significance, cooking tips and tricks, and other unique facts people would interested in learning.

The second part of the project was creating a marketing and distribution plan for selling the book. I created a public relations and marketing plan to help guide how selling the cookbook will work. I created a Facebook and Instagram page and a website to help advertise and gain awareness for the cookbook. The public relations plan includes a timeline of important dates to get things done by and an outline of the budget of how much I expected to spend on this project.

The third part of the project was organizing and hosting a virtual event where individuals learned how to cook one of the recipes found in the cookbook. I created a registration link, found on the website, to know how many people planned to the event. This also helps me to keep a record of attendee’s email address to send future announcements to. I designed the advertisements and social media posts to promote this event.