Isabelle Judd – Steeves Treat Shop: Business Launch Plan

Public Relations




Project Summary

I volunteered as a public relations and advertising specialist to help launch Steeves Treat Shop.

The three main goals for this task were to establish a strong and consistent brand reputation, to increase social media presence by 10%, and to increase sales by 10%. To reach these goals I created a branding kit, a public relations plan and an advertising campaign.

I worked with the owner of Steeves Treat Shop to develop the public relations plan with measurable and time-bound objectives, well-crafted strategies and specific tactics. I developed a detailed branding kit that we implemented on all of the social media platforms Steeves is present at, business cards, website, ads and other marketing materials. In addition, I created an affordable advertising campaign, developing a creative brief, big ideas, and taglines.

The thought-out strategies and tactics will bring Steeves the online engagement and recognition it needs to grow. Customers and potential customers will respect the company and begin to immediately recognize it. Sales will increase and the business will continue to grow.