Preston Boling – Outthinker Strategy Network 2x Plan

Strategical Organization




Project Summary

For my Senior Project, I have taken over the Outthinker Strategy Network account at my job at Kinext. I am responsible for doubling their members and revenue for the next year. I plan to do this by critiquing all communication till it is essentially rinse, wash, repeat. Outthinker Strategy Network is an invite only peer group of senior executives who lead strategy at billion-plus revenue companies. The network’s purpose is to keep strategists ahead of the pace of disruption and help bring actionable ideas to guide their company into the future. My task consists of critiquing the sales process, making all necessary improvements, creating a check list of everything that is needed from start to finish (intro appointment to closed deal), making templates for all the messaging required during the sales process (to keep things uniform across the account), and to bring on 35 new members (doubling the group).