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Project Summary

After about 60 hours of cleaning, freezing, filming, and editing, a new car review of the Toyota Rav4, Ford F-150, and Toyota Camry was born. This project is a passionate one to me because I love talking about cars and knowing what makes them prime for the market and why consumers purchase them. The purpose of this project is to show off each car along with its quirks and features that make it one of the top selling cars in its competing class, except this time the review is all about the consumer and why they purchased the car. A short interview process makes up the majority of what the car is about in each video from the owner’s perspective.

Each video contains details about each car that is being reviewed so that the viewer can see what makes the car successful. The video will detail exterior and interior shots to showcase the car as if the viewer were to get a virtual tour during COVID. With so many still progressing even during the pandemic, it is important to show that virtual reviews of cars can be exceptionally valuable to anyone in the market for any car.

One major point I am making with this project is that although the quality is not the best, a video review can all be done on a phone’s camera. Hundreds have constantly told me that I need to purchase a camera for $1,000.00 or more in order to do something like this. That encouraged me to do the entire project from the lens of my iPhone 8 plus. A phone that is about four years old now has the necessary capabilities to make basic video communication in a beautiful and clear way.

I hope this project seems interesting to those who are interested in getting either a truck, crossover, or sedan in the near future. I am very proud of the work I put into this project with my phone as my main tool and hope you all enjoy it!

Project Video