Jayda Abbott – Lily Manor – Redesign and Rebrand

Visual Communication




Project Summary

To begin my senior showcase project, I will be creating and modifying a personalized website to showcase Lily Manor’s interior design projects, real estate listings, and customer testimonials. This website will be a landing page for all of Lily Manors clients. To fulfill Lily Manor’s website needs, this website will need to include two separate main pages, one for real estate clients and the other for interior design clients. The real estate page will include links and buttons to show new home listing and tips on how to make the most money out of your home when a client is trying to sell it. The interior design page will also include links and buttons to outside sources, which will showcase different design styles (modern, farmhouse, chic, etc.). The interior design page will showcase different photo albums from different clients’ homes.

The next section of my project that I will be focusing on will be to re-brand everything. This includes the website, business cards, logo, yard signs, and a style guide that will include color schemes and correct logo usages. The style guide will also include the proper usage of photos and social media accounts to help keep everything appealing to the eye, uniform, and professional.

For the third section of my final project, I will be taking still life photos of clients’ homes to help showcase Lily Manor’s work as far as interior design goes. In addition to taking and editing photos, I will be creating content to post on two separate Facebook and Instagram accounts to help drive awareness and sales. My goal is to earn Lily Manor 5% more this first quarter when compared to last year’s quarter.