Olivia Burr – Mamafrog Baby Subscription Box, Communication Center

Olivia Burr

News and Journalism

Project Summary

My project is a collaboration with my family’s business, Mamafrog Baby, located in Grand Junction, Colorado. The premise of this business is a subscription box that gives your baby developmentally appropriate toys, books, clothes, necessities and a card for mom or dad to help them achieve regular milestones.

For this project, I feel like I did a little bit of everything! My three main focuses were social media marketing, video production and blog creation.

With the upcoming Indiegogo launch for the subscription box (scheduled for July 5, 2021), I’ve been diligent with increasing awareness of the product and creating relevant content for the brand.


Social Media

A key factor in the current marking plan is continual Pinterest posts that I do daily. Also included in the social media portion are Facebook and Instagram posts that I create on Canva. We have everything on our platforms, including parenthood memes, parent hacks, fun baby name ideas, details about the launch and information about your baby’s developing brain. From my social media efforts this semester, we’ve gone from 200 followers (numbers from April 15, 2021) to over 1,000 (as of June 16, 2021) on Instagram.



Video Production

One of the biggest time commitments was the video production portion of the project. While I only worked on two promotional videos – a “Meet the Mamafrog Team” highlighting our family members and our different roles as part of our small, family-run business, and a “Mamafrog Baby Campaign” video featuring the subscription box and a detailed description of its contents – I made sure both were professional, informative and fun! I worked on script editing, filming, clip editing and even did the voiceover work for both videos.


Blog Creation

I also wrote and edited several blog posts to promote the launch and bring relevant information to our company’s target audience. I researched and created content that related to the brand and gives valuable information to ­­­­new moms and dads. From a post about sustainable, baby-friendly toys, to information about the upcoming launch, there is always content to view!

Video Presentation


Extra Content


“Meet the Team” Video

“Sustainable Toys” Video

Time Log