Allison Lee – Misty Mountain Maiden Brand Creation

Name – Allison Lee

Project Name – Misty Mountain Maiden Brand Creation

Emphasis – Digital & Social Media

For this project, I have been working on creating and establishing a social media brand called Misty Mountain Maiden that focuses on wellness through nature. My goals for this were to establish a consistent brand I could use as a portfolio piece and create a brand that I can experiment on/learn and grow from long into the future so that I can be a better practitioner and marketer.

I decided to create Misty Mountain Maiden for my senior project because my goal after graduation is to work for a company that deals with geology in some way, such as natural resources, state parks, and museums. Having a personal brand that showcases my skills in content marketing specifically in that area will show such companies that I have the experience and skills they need for their company. 

Case Study