Kassandra Mackley – “How to Host Successful Donation Drives” eBook

NAME: Kassandra M. Mackley

EMPHASIS: Public Relations

PROJECT TITLE: “How to Host Successful Donation Drives” eBook for Student Housing Managers



As a soon-to-be BYU-Idaho grad, I’ve had my fair share of college struggles. I’ve been that student who needed to get rid of food and other belongings that I couldn’t fit into my family’s Toyota Prius when heading home for the break. I’ve also been the student who needed silverware (where did all my forks go?…), and without having a lot of income, may have resorted to using Panda Express chopsticks for a few weeks. 

While at school, I had the opportunity to help a friend organize a donation drive open to all BYU-Idaho students. I was surprised by the amount of work it required, but also by how well it was received. So many students reached out, relieved there was a way to get rid of their unwanted possessions. We, on the opposite end, were so relieved these things could go to new homes instead of finding their way into a trash bin. 

The Idea

As time went on, I thought about that experience every time the semester came to a close and I watched the dumpsters overflow.  I couldn’t help but wonder “What if every complex at BYU-Idaho offered that service to their students?” This could also benefit students who may need silverware or jackets and now had an opportunity to get one for free. 

The Project

The idea followed me every semester until the time came for me to complete my senior project and I decided to put together this guide, “How to Host Successful Donation Drives,” specifically for BYU-Idaho student housing managers.

​While I was motivated by wanting to limit the amount of waste we students generate and offering a service to stress-ridden students, I also wanted to ensure that these donations went to good causes and that apartment managers could have a successful experience. 

This is a project that I will be continuing to work on into the summer of 2021 before I email it out to BYU-Idaho housing managers to implement in the Fall 2021 semester.

​I hope you enjoy this resource! A lot of love and consideration went into this eBook. 


The Book

The link below will take you to the smart PDF of the first five completed chapters of  “How to Host Successful Donation Drives,” customized for BYU-Idaho student housing managers.

How to Host Successful Donation Drives eBook





The Plan

The following PDF is my personal public relations campaign for developing my eBook and distributing it to BYU-Idaho student housing managers in the Fall 2021 semester.

Personal PR Plan for eBook Launch



Time and Resources

Thank you so much for checking out my Senior Project!