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Project Summary

For my senior project, I focused on starting a business in social media; Mounts Precision Painting LLC.

This project is full of highlights and full of hard work. Some new businesses struggled with knowing how they should start a business online and on social media. First of all, starting a business is hard. Starting a business online requires more than just traditional methods.

Branding a company takes time, which is why most of the time invested in this project was towards establishing a brand for Mount Precision Painting. I also provided them with strong design principles to know where to start and have a clear concept of how their marketing should look like from now on.

In the second part of my project, I focused on creating a Style Guide, Photo Catalogs, Logo Guidelines, sizes, and metrics that are key to the growth of the company.

Using as the main website builder will be helpful to generate new leads and increase traffic for Mounts Precision Painting.

They want to position themselves as a family-owned business, showing values of trust and hard-working services. By creating a website for this company, we want to showcase the many tools and services they can provide to those looking for help with their house projects.

Content creation and branding are part of the abilities I want to showcase. This is why I will be working on the creation of banners, photo edits, and design templates.

  • Provide the company with the necessary tools
  • Have consistency in its social media posts
  • Increase its brand awareness on Facebook, LinkedIn,
  • Create a well-established website, ready and working to create new leads.

This project will show you how combining data and creativity with your social media and KPI’s goals; will establish a great foundation for the future of your brand.

Photo Catalog MPP

Future Project Proposal

Style Guide

Social Media Presence & Templates




Photo Edits Examples

Here you can see some of the photo editions to the photos provided, and how we use these to design their social media, website, and photo catalog.

Social Media Mock-ups

Timeline | Time invested



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