Brooke Munoz- Atkin Arrangements Branding and Social Media

Visual Communications

Project Summary:

For my project, I am doing branding and social media for a local floral arrangement business called Atkin Arrangements. I made a style guide and solidified the branding for the company, including color scheme, logo, fonts, etc. I prepared for and styled a branding photoshoot by working with the client, creating inspiration/mood boards on Pinterest, preparing the shoot location, and getting the set ready. This helped to get a lot of similar content to use in the social media and website. I worked closely with the client to help her vision come alive. I created templates for different Instagram posts as well as a month’s worth of content for her to use. The month’s worth of content includes 3 main posts a week for 4 weeks. I also created 3 unique ads and taught the client how to run them through the Facebook Ads Manager to further promote the company. The purpose of this was to build a solid foundation for the brand that the client would feel comfortable managing on her own. I feel that this has been accomplished through the things that I have created and helped her with. 

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Atkin Arrangements

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