Atitida Echi-Aboli – Old age, a global dilemma.

Project Summary

I’m in love with the idea of tomorrow, of getting old and perhaps not exactly having all my ducks in a row, but gaining a certainty that We need not fret in lieu of what tomorrow brings. To guarantee that prospect, We need to start now.

My project focuses on real-time challenges seniors face in the United States and globally. Throughout my research, conversations with seniors, experts, caregivers, I learnt one lesson – that we are not prepared enough for senior living. Thus, creating a balance between giving and receiving care could very quickly become a personal and global challenge. To ward off this trend of large-scale unsurety , young folks must actively prepare for tomorrow, older folks on the other hand must visualize and utilize every resource to find success and create a graceful transition. Family and friends must pitch in and understand what’s at stake. Refusal to apply ourselves right now will mean that later twenty and thirty year olds would in no time find themselves in throes of disability without the means nor ability to meet their needs. The time to prepare is now.


Hours spent on the project: 52 hours:


  • 5 hours – Planning and hosting interview sessions with my mentor, podcast guests and youtube interviews.
  • 7 hours – Podcast/Video creation and editing.
  • 10 hours – Website Set-up.
  • 9 hours – blogs/Articles
  • 20 hours – survey creation/distribution and follow-up


Youtube Video: