Brookelyn Wilcox- Lil Brookie’s Bowtique

Public Relations

Project Summary:

During this project, I have been researching, creating, and implementing a PR plan for my shop that includes a vast quantity of bows and blankets.

The project demonstrates my strengths in researching, creating, and implementing a Public Relations plan that will help grow my business, “Lil Brookie’s Bowtique”. The business consists of handmade and custom-made bows for young girls ranging in the age of newborn-5 years old. At the beginning and start of the project, I did my research on how to create a plan that will help my business pickup in the most efficient way. This research includes audience data and tracking, reviewing other similar companies, addressing efficient ways to target audiences, social media plans and templates, and much more data. The second part of the project is creating the business, this includes social media, constructing the products such as bows and blankets, as well as implementing strategies and tactics outlined in the PR Plan. The third part of the project is evaluating and addressing the changes, failures, and successes of the PR plan. All of this is what my project will entail and should take over much more than 50 hours. The most time-consuming project is researching and making the products, as well as the cost of products, which will be mostly going toward the creation of products. As said the products that I will start off within the shop are bows for infant and toddler girls and handmade crochet blankets for babies. In the future, I hope to add to the business to include more clothing such as ties and bow ties for boys, as well as decorations for nurseries. All in all, I believe this project will not only highlight the skills that I have obtained as a student at BYU-I but express a passion for starting my own business.

Social Media for Business:

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