Janie McAvoy – Texas Youth Leadership Summit

Visual Communication


Project Summary:

My project will be to create all media and promote the Texas Youth Leadership Summit. I will create the website, memos, logo, application, flier, promotional content, and social media posts for the event. I will assist in creating and planning the visual communications for this leadership camp. I will be helping every phase of the event. The creation, promotion, and delivery of this event will have content needed to be made along the way. The leadership of the event will work with me to make requests, changes, and updates to the content as well. I will also manage the email, Facebook, and Instagram account, aiming to raise participation in the Summit. I will post the content I create. I will, overall, design the visual brand for this event. I will also create the design of the Summit T-Shirt. Over the time of my project I organized all the submissions and also responded to every question. After the project technically ends, I will then go to the Summit in July and create photo and video content for future Leadership Summits using my DSLR and editing skills. My after- project goal will be to create a short “trailer” for future events and help the organization communicate to youth effectively and attractive them to participate.


Video Link (YouTube): https://youtu.be/C0KiEpkP5Vg 


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