Mary McDaniel – Avantguard Run for a Reason 5K – Digital and Social Media

Avantguard Monitoring Center’s Run for a Reason 5K Project

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Project Summary: For my senior project, I focused on creating digital assets for Avantguard’s Run for A Reason 5K.. The charity run will be held on September 18, 2021 and will start at Smith Park.

For the past 7 years, Avantguard has chosen a local family who is struggling financially and hosts a charity run to help them become more financially stable. This year, all proceeds will benefit the Tagg family who was chosen by Avantguard employees through a 5K event committee. In March 2021, the Tagg family gave birth to Ruth who was born at 24 weeks old and has had many surgeries due to respiratory and heart complications. The goal of this charity run is to raise $10,000 to help the Tagg family with medical expenses.

For this project, I have been involved in event planning meetings, designed event  t-shirts, as well as edited an interview video with the Tagg family. I have correlated these projects with the operations manager as well as a team coach who is one of the leads who is helping organize this event. We have worked together to refine the edits on the interview and t-shirt designs.

I enjoyed doing my senior project for such an incredible cause. For more info on donating and participating in this event, go to

Below is a playlist of the senior project description as well as the interview drafts with the final interview video at the end. For the video portion of this project, I spent about 10 hours on editing the interview video. This video will eventually be posted on Avantguard Monitoring’s website and social media pages.

Music: Tranquility by Kevin MacLeod Link:… License:


Music: Tranquility by Kevin MacLeod Link:… License:

T-shirt Design Process PDF

For my graphic design process, most of my time was spent sketching and refining my designs in Adobe Illustrator.

These are some of my initial sketches for the t-shirt design. I want to focus on figuring out the layout of the design as well as figure out how to design shoes and people running.

Original Ideation designs

For the designs above, I wanted to figure out how I wanted the mountains and shoes to look. I didn’t really like the look of the mountains yet, so I continued to work on refining those designs.

Refined Designs Part One

I started to make a mountain range that was similar to the Tetons. I met with my mentor and he advised that I continue to work on making badge design. The operations manager suggested that they wanted more simplified badge designs for the t-shirt.

Refined Designs Part Two 

For my second set of refined designs, my operations manager liked the last design the most. The liked the idea of people running next to the mountains. For these designs, my mentor suggested making the people bigger since they were so small.


T-shirt mockups were used from Custom Ink

Time Spent on Senior Project Excel Sheet